Friday, May 29, 2015


I recently started a new journey. In the middle of March after many attempts at weight loss I decided to try Advocare. After some major sales pitches from my sister I decided I had nothing to lose but weight and that's what I wanted. I started my 24 day challenge on March 17 and was surprised at how easy it was. Weren't diets suppose to be hard? How could this possibly work? I was never hungry so how could I possibly lose weight. I stayed off the scales like I was instructed but a week in I had a doctor's appointment and had lost 8 pounds. I was shocked and thrilled that this was working. Not to mention I hadn't had a Pepsi in a week. I might actually overcome my one true addiction. I felt better and had more energy than I'd had in years.At the end of my 24 day challenge I was down 15 lbs and 18 inches. 

Today I've lost a total of 29 lbs and 24 inches. I've learned to choose healthier foods and have no problem exercising daily. What used to be a struggle is easy. Now I want to help other people discover this life changing product. You CAN lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. Advocare can help get you there :)